Get involved!


Where can I Volunteer?

 Thank you for asking, below is a list of areas we could currently use volunteers! 

Family Science Night


We could use come volunteers to check people in and run the experiment tables.  Please contact us if you would like to help. 

Comic- Con

Comic Con is coming up in March but we need to start planning now!  If you would like to head up an area or volunteer for any of the planning of Comic Con please let us know.  Comic Con is a fun event that we are hoping to lean heavily on STEM project and also student creativity.  If you know vendors that would like to come to Comic Con let us know.  We are also looking for someone to head up crafts, coordinate food, and help with overall programming of the event.  If any of this interests you please contact us at


We are always looking for parents that want to help out with Yearbook.  We need people taking pictures of events, we could also use parents that want to help design pages.  If this sounds like something you are interested in contact us at 


Do I need to be a member to volunteer?

No. We want all of our parents, grandparents, and community to become members but even if you are not a member we would love for you to come and help out at events. 

Can I head up a committee?

 Yes!  If you are passionate about an event and want to oversee the event talk to a board member and we will get you the information you need.  We don't want everything planned by the same people, when everyone gets involved our programs flourish. 

How can I be on the board?

 Thank you so much for your interest.  Look for the board signups that come out in February.  We are always looking to fill board positions. 

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